Price List UniPlot

(Price List 1/2017)

The following prices apply to UniPlot as of January 02, 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices in Euro:

Quantity   Euro
1 Single User License 844.00
3 Single User Licenses 2,159.00
5 Single User Licenses 3,425.00
10 Single User Licenses 6,281.00
20 Single User Licenses 11,458.00
50 Single User Licenses 23,135.00
100 Single User Licenses 40,416.00

Other quantities upon request. UniPlot can be used in a network. For each computer in the network that uses UniPlot, a separate license is required. Educational institutes receive a 40% rebate from the listed single user license prices.


Delivery is made electronically (ESD). All documentation and examples are electronic.

Software is downloaded from our Internet site by the customer. There are no shipping and handling charges for electronic delivery. Quick delivery, usually on the same day.

Maintenance and Support is included for one year.

Software Maintenance/Support

Price for 1 Year Maintenance/Support:

Quantity Euro
1 178.00
3 448.00
5 698.00
10 1,298.00
20 2,348.00
50 4,698.00
100 8,096.00

Price for 2 Years Maintenance/Support:

Quantity Euro
1 338.00
3 851.00
5 1,326.00
10 2,466.00
20 4,461.00
50 8,926.00
100 15,382.00

Maintenance includes updates and upgrades (whether to minor or major release versions) and hotline support.

Payment Conditions

30 days after receiving shipment.

Delivery Charges

If you would prefer delivery by post there will be a extra charge of 80 Euro.

Orders can be placed by email (, fax or post. Members of the EU, please include your VAT Registration Number.

Our VAT Number: DE259978257

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